Half Price Hot Spot promotional vouchers are non-refundable.

Purchased vouchers can be picked up at the radio station offices M-F 9 AM – 5PM or may be requested by US Mail. The purchaser of the voucher understands that the US Mail service does not insure or guarantee delivery and the purchaser agrees that Woof Boom is not liable in the event of a lost voucher that does not reach the purchaser.

There is no limit on purchasing vouchers, however only two vouchers can be used per visit. Deal vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or applied as payment to any account unless required by applicable law.

All Half Price Hot Spot Vouchers are the licensed property of Woof Boom Radio Muncie LLC. Any attempt to duplicate, reproduce, or duplicate a voucher is considered fraud and will be pursued by Woof Boom, the Merchant, jointly or separately to the fullest extent of the law.